During the meditation retreat in the middle of the jungle in Koh Samui, I had a week to face my own thoughts in silence. After a few days of blending in with the environment and stilling my mind, I kept on seeing a symbol whenever I meditated. It was an open palm with a swirl shape in the middle of the palm. I wasn’t sure what it meant and had forgotten about it for a few months until one day I was surfing the web and noticed that exact symbol in the corner of one of the websites. I clicked on it and there it was; the Reiki healing hand.

I’ve heard of Reiki before and was always attracted to the idea of it, but have never had any experiences with it. I took whatever happened there as a little nudge from the Universe to get attuned and start practising.

Since my teenage years, I’ve felt a strong connection to Elven symbols, as outlined in Marjetka Jersek’s book Kandelar Dve and have been working with them for more than a decade. I tend to include them in my Reiki sessions as a way of setting a clear intention and to enhance certain energies. A great example is a symbol for flying called Elan Rei, which resonates highly with me, so I attached it to my name. It’s got very potent energy and has influenced my experiences drastically. I will explain more about how Elven symbols and Reiki work as I go on.

My attunement to Level I and Level II Reiki symbols was completed in early September 2018, and I finished the course for both levels (certifications can be found below). I’ve been practising Reiki on myself on a daily basis, and have completed numerous healing sessions mainly on my friends and family. Since coming to India in January 2019 I continued doing distance sessions for them.

Reiki sessions for anyone else can be done in person or as distance healing. They last between 1/1.5 hours and are donation based – because a girl’s gotta eat! 🙂

Reiki has changed my life – that’s a dramatic statement, but it’s true! It helped my body and mind bring up subconscious patterns, suppressed memories, emotions and limiting beliefs. It’s been hard work dealing with all of this, but extremely freeing at the same time. I am so far from being the same person as I was six months ago! The emotional, physical and mental progress has been intense since I started practising Reiki. I look at it as an essential part of self-development and would recommend it to anyone, especially people that are looking to heal the deepest parts of their subconscious, deeply rooted damaging beliefs or any sort of addictions.







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