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I’m Spela Elan Rei and I created this website shortly after the publication of the heartbreaking report by the UN 


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warning humanity we only have 12 years left to limit climate change catastrophe.

Like many others, I was left distraught, to say the least.

As a consequence, I became determined to reduce my ecological footprint, build connections with like-minded people and help raise vibrations of the planet by promoting mindfulness and self-development, as well as making healing with Reiki energy easily accessible.

I created Pachamama Warrior to offer information on how to be more ecologically friendly, self-sustainable, to express an honest opinion about the best eco-friendly products on the market and to provide you with ideas that will make your life and impact on this planet as waste-free as possible.

But more than anything, I’d like to offer up this space as a platform of inspiration by promoting well-being and self-growth, by spreading positivity and truth, and by sharing my spiritual journey so far. I’ve also included a travel blog as most of the significant transformations happen when I’m on the road and far away from my comfort zone, as well as inspirational and eye-opening stories of many incredibly strong and outstanding people that I’ve met along the way.

I hope you feel right at home.

Enjoy your stay:)


My Story – Following Intuition

I wandered through my early twenties lost and unsure of myself and my purpose on this planet. I had a vague idea of what I should be doing, but it never fully resonated with me.

Now I know these were the ideas that society had placed upon me and expected me to fulfil my role in it. I changed my job every few months, suffered in ill-fitting relationships and let negativity poison my mind.

Me and My Baby Avo “Square Groot”

Life kept on bringing me to my knees until one day, at the age of 26 and after a second painful break-up, I had enough! I packed my bags, left London firmly behind me and moved back in with my parents. A couple of months later, still emotionally battered and bruised, I was sitting on the flight to Bangkok with a churning stomach, panicking about what I’d just done.

I’d never been out of Europe before, let alone travelling by myself to the other side of the world!

I decided to follow my gut and ended up on a meditation retreat in Koh Samui, which truly opened up my mind and triggered an intense inner transformation.

Dipabhavan Meditation Centre in Koh Samui

Soon enough I realised the pattern repeating itself. Whenever I chose to follow my intuition and detach myself from expectations and end result, I noticed life flowing in complete harmony and my mental health improving drastically. I was able to enjoy in the present moment and stop wallowing in my past or worry over the future.

It’d be extremely silly of me to ignore such facts, so I’ve decided to start paying attention to my inner guidance more. It wasn’t easy at first, as my inner self was quite confused and erratic at times (that still happens here and there!), making it challenging to decipher the messages.

I also had to abandon any set ideas I had about how I wanted my life to look like.

THAT was the hardest thing to let go of. I was so ambitious and I wanted to achieve so many things! But deep inside I knew they weren’t going to make me happy.

Then, I had to learn how to trust fully in the process of life to bring me where I needed to be. So many surrender & trust-related affirmations have been uttered daily over the past couple of years! But it was worth it!

Slowly, every morning of every day, I’d sit with myself to tune into my inner wisdom and to receive the guidance for the day. Life actually became quite magical that way – anything was possible!

Listening to myself has not been easy every day though… it will always be a work in progress.

Whenever I tried to ignore the messages from my inner guide in order to fit in with the world and have a normal life/job, I’d always become really unhappy, anxious and self-destructive.

Enough was enough (again, but hopefully for the last time!) and I started following morning and evening rituals that have been helping me clear my energy find a connection even more. They have become my main pillars and I can’t imagine my life (or mental health, dear God!) without them.

I started following my intuition FULLY in January 2019.

Since then, life had brought me to India, where I lived in Rishikesh for three months and discovered a strong connection to the Indian culture and all the special people that I’ve met. This trip has been the most transformative few months of my life. I’ve learned so much and became a qualified 200-hr yoga instructor, Marma therapist and a Reiki Master.

Yoga TTC Graduation from Yoga Vidya in Rishikesh

Spending time in the Himalayas and living off-grid for some time I found that feeling of pure bliss as I connected to nature by living off the land in a simple manner, the way some Indian people still do in the mountains. I found nature to be the cure for all mental anguish and have decided to set up an eco-farm/healing retreat close to my home village in Eastern Slovenia, where everyone is invited to re-connect to nature and essentially, their true inner selves.

I always knew having just one home was not for me, and I’m grateful every day for trusting in the flow of life and listening to my inner voice, which has shown me that it’s entirely possible to have a home in various places; Bristol (UK), Rishikesh (India) and Crensovci (Slovenia).

The view of Rishikesh from the mountains

It’s interesting to think my intuition started off as a tiny little spark that kept growing and growing – slowly at first – but truth to be told, it’s turned into a wildfire that I cannot (nor do I want to) control anymore.

For the first time, I feel alive, present and connected to the Universe and the Earth which is why it hurts even more when I see our beloved Pachamama drowning in plastic and crying out for help.

We, as a human race, are guilty as charged and it’s our responsibility to clean up this mess as much as possible.

And we can do it collectively- not tomorrow, not next year – but NOW!

My Favourite Meditation Tree in Bristol

I live for the day when everyone on this planet realizes that by hurting the Earth we’re hurting ourselves, for WE ARE the Earth, we borrowed our bodies from the Earth, and we will return them once our souls move on.

I have one goal in life and that is to help this planet and its inhabitants by living mindfully, healing with crystals and reiki, teaching yoga and spreading rays of sunshine wherever I go…

 …but most of all, I want to cherish this beautiful planet that we’re living on!

Life really has a way of supporting us fully when we let go and surrender to its flow… it’s blessed me with so many loving individuals and so many life-changing adventures. It’s important we offer support and connect with each other to make this world a brighter place! 🙂

I invite you to fight for Earth and spread good vibes alongside me:)


Love, Light & Cuddles

Spela Elan Rei

Official Member of Ethical Influencers


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